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Reading Chinese Menus: Dishes: 涼拌三絲 — liáng bàn sān sī — three-sliver salad

Description follows.

[Image: Thin, translucent, shiny noodles in a light brown sauce, threaded through with slivers of kelp and carrot; all piled in a cone shape on a white plate.]

A fairly simple cold dish today — 涼拌三絲 (liáng bàn sān sī). Literally "cold [涼] mixed [拌] three [] shreds []", this is a tasty noodle salad made with 粉絲 (fěn sī/bean thread noodles) along with two types of vegetable cut into long slivers to mimic the shape of the noodles. Kelp, carrot, wood ear fungus, and lightly blanched spinach are among the vegetable ingredients commonly used for this.

I've also seen this dish listed on menus under other names. 麻辣三絲 (má là sān sī) is literally "numbing-spicy three shreds", with Sichuan peppercorns providing the numbing component. 三絲木耳 (sān sī mù ěr) makes it explicit that wood ear fungus (木耳/mù ěr) is one of the ingredients. 紅油三絲 (hóng yóu sān sī) makes a different ingredient explicit; the chilli oil (紅油/hóng yóu/"red oil") in the dressing. Or you may see it simply as 拌三絲 (bàn sān sī).

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