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Kake ([personal profile] kake) wrote2011-04-03 03:45 pm

About this blog

The main purpose of this blog was to document my journey in learning to read Chinese menus. I started this project around the beginning of 2010 because I was intrigued by the many restaurants here in London that have Chinese-language menus with different dishes from the English-language ones. I find I generally prefer the food offered on the former type, so I needed a way to acquire it. A year later, I had become fairly confident in ordering from a Chinese-language menu, but decided to continue the blog because researching and writing the posts was a good incentive to continue learning more about the different cuisines of China.

The Chinese menu project is now officially retired, though the posts will remain open for comments.

I may in the future decide to use this blog for other kinds of posts. If you're only interested in the Chinese menu stuff, just follow my "chinese menu" tag and the other stuff will be filtered out: web, RSS, Atom.

Here are some useful posts to read if you're new here: