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On Monday I sorted out photos and did some wikignoming as prompted by [personal profile] badgerbag.

On Tuesday I did a big pile of work.

On Wednesday I went to Hendon to have lunch at Atari-Ya (v.g.), then popped into the Greyhound for a half. I then headed to Earl's Court (stopping off at Hampstead for a pint at the Olde White Bear) to meet [personal profile] bob and have excellent Sichuan dinner at Number 10 restaurant.

On Thursday I did a big pile of work.

On Friday I went to Colindale to have lunch at Feringgi Bay and pick up some Chinese pastries from Wonderful Patisserie.

On Saturday I did a big pile of work, then ordered a not-very-satisfactory takeaway from Jasmine Garden.

On Sunday I went out to play with the [livejournal.com profile] tubewalkers! We walked from Euston Square to Great Portland Street, then had a swift half in the Albany, then walked around for ages looking for a bus stop (no Jubilee Line), then walked from Finchley Road to Swiss Cottage, had a swift half in Ye Olde Swiss Cottage, then escaped to the Clifton for better beer and some food.
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On Monday I had lunch at Han Kang, a decent Korean restaurant just off Oxford Street, then took some of the RGL photos that I'd been putting off because the places were all inside Oxford Street department stores (example), then went on a mini pub crawl around Bayswater with Richard.

I have forgotten what I did on Tuesday. Probably just work.

On Wednesday I had lunch at Madsen in South Kensington and bought some expensive cheese at La Cave à Fromage, then headed over to Richard's place to play Rock Band. We had a break in the middle to go and eat some not-very-good roast pork at the Coach and Horses on Kew Green.

On Thursday I went to the pub with [personal profile] bob and others, specifically the Prince Regent on Gloucester Road. We tried lots of the food, and found some to be very good (the steak) and some to be very bland (the spinach soup).

On Friday I did loads of work and also made pork chops with rice noodle salad for dinner. I might even have done some washing up as well. What a good Kake I am.

On Saturday I went on the Epping to Theydon Bois Tube Walk and took some photos, including one of an unidentified flower. Do you know what it is? On the way home I stopped off for a drink and a snack at Parade in South Woodford.

On Sunday I fixed stuff on the Discworld MUD and made braised sausages for dinner.
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On Monday I did lots and lots and lots of scanning for [livejournal.com profile] unclutter_2009.

On Tuesday I rewarded myself for a four-hour turnaround on a piece of work with some masala tea, then made dry-fried green beans with hoisin sauce for dinner.

On Wednesday I made some home-made tomato juice.

On Thursday I went on a pub crawl.

On Friday I hung out with [personal profile] bob; first we went for lunch at More, a quite promising new restaurant on Tooley Street, then he went to sort out a misbehaving server for work while I went and took some photos in Shepherd's Bush. Then we reconvened at The Goldhawk, where I drank Brothers festival strength perry and learned that they're having a cider festival next month. Later we wandered along to Patio for dinner; I can recommend the herring and apple salad.

On Saturday I had lunch with [livejournal.com profile] lozette at Haandi in Edgware, and then we both headed along for a nice stroll in the sunshine with the ever-lovely [livejournal.com profile] tubewalkers. Then everyone else went to the pub, while I went home to do some work. (Please do not feel sorry for me; I choose my own work hours, and I'd rather work on a Saturday evening because it gives me free time in the week, when pubs and restaurants are much more pleasant.)

On Sunday our bizarre downstairs neighbours had a party which started at the crack of dawn and continued until about 10am, so I got up at 9 and did even more work. In the afternoon I participated in the Discworld MUD Bugfix Sunday to the grand extent of fixing a single bug, then gave up on thinking for a bit and went out and wandered in a big circle around SE1 taking some photos for RGL.
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Note: This was originally posted on LiveJournal on 22 September 2007, then copied here and backdated. Old comments are there; please feel free to add new ones here.

OK, it is time to reveal what I've been up to since January.

I have been Tubewalking. I don't think anyone guessed what I was up to, even though there was a bit of a giveaway trail on Flickr and RGL. I did have a bit of a near miss when [livejournal.com profile] hoshuteki commented that some of my recent photos looked familiar because he'd been on a Tube walk in the area. Sorry for not being straight with you right there and then, but I really wanted to catch up with the official community before I actually told people what I was doing.

So, yeah. I caught up. I started walk 1 (Acton Town to Chiswick Park) on Friday 19 January this year, and finished walk 43 (Charing Cross to Embankment) this afternoon. The next walk is Chesham to Chalfont and Latimer, and unless something very very important gets in the way, I will be doing it with the [livejournal.com profile] tubewalkers on Sunday 30 September.

I kept notes on some of the walks, and even got as far as writing some of them up. For some of the walks, I took the scenic route; for others I took the route that intersected places that needed RGL photos; for still others I took the route that went past a good pub; and for the rest I just took the quickest route from start to finish. It has been an awful lot of fun, and I hope it's going to be even more fun when I'm walking the remaining 139 walks with everyone else.

This does mean that I'm going to want a new walking challenge to do on my own, since (a) I am an antisocial bugger really, and I like walking on my own, and (b) the official tubewalks don't happen as often as I like to walk. Happily, I have already figured one out.

I'm going to walk across the A-Z. All of it. The regular size, not the mini one. Every page.

This will involve crossing London ten times, for a minimum mileage of around 225 miles. I think that should keep me busy for a while.


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