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Adventures with Kake

Mostly (but not entirely) about reading Chinese menus. At the moment.

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I'm nou on LiveJournal, Kake everywhere else. Yes, "Kake" is my actual real name, and yes, I know it's unusual. I am a bit fed up of being asked about it (this doesn't mean I hate you if you've asked me about it in the past).

All posts on this journal are public — nothing is locked.

Contact details: friends-only on LiveJournal, nou-access-only on Dreamwidth
Where I write about London: Randomness Guide to London (see also [community profile] rglondon)
Who I go walking with in London: [ profile] tubewalkers
Where I keep my vegan recipes: Kake's (Vegan) Cookery Site
I started using Twitter again
Where I post about things I cooked: Delicious Kake Food on Tumblr
My cookery books: listed at librarything
My food bookmarks: at (also at [syndicated profile] kake_food_links_feed) — or visit the vegan and veganable ones only.
Things I read and thought were interesting: Kakestuff on Tumblr (not the same as the Tumblr link above, also now retired, though the old posts are still there)
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