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On Monday I was supposed to go to choir, but I felt too manky. I did some vague bits of admin stuff instead.

On Tuesday I went to Waterloo to look for Taste Malaysia, but it wasn't there, so I had a not-very-interesting bagel at Smalands instead. Then I got the Northern Line into town to take a few RGL photos, then got back on the Northern Line to head up to Colindale where I was due to meet [livejournal.com profile] catsgomiaow and [personal profile] bob for dinner at Feringgi Bay. I realised on the way that I was going to be ridiculously early, so I stopped off at Golders Green to pick up a few things we needed from Seoul Plaza.

Once in Colindale, I visited the New Chandos (no real ale, friendly enough though) before heading over to the Moon Under Water (a fairly standard Wetherspoons) to meet the others before dinner. Dinner was v.g. — see the RGL review for more.

I didn't do very much exciting stuff on Wednesday, but I did make some lentil soup which bagged three spices for the Snake Soup October challenge. Similarly, the most interesting thing I did on Thursday was make some masala tea that put me another three spices further on.

I have nothing to report for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, except that our house continued to fall apart in increasingly amusing[0] ways.

[0] In the "you have to laugh or you'll cry" sense.
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On Monday I sorted out photos and did some wikignoming as prompted by [personal profile] badgerbag.

On Tuesday I did a big pile of work.

On Wednesday I went to Hendon to have lunch at Atari-Ya (v.g.), then popped into the Greyhound for a half. I then headed to Earl's Court (stopping off at Hampstead for a pint at the Olde White Bear) to meet [personal profile] bob and have excellent Sichuan dinner at Number 10 restaurant.

On Thursday I did a big pile of work.

On Friday I went to Colindale to have lunch at Feringgi Bay and pick up some Chinese pastries from Wonderful Patisserie.

On Saturday I did a big pile of work, then ordered a not-very-satisfactory takeaway from Jasmine Garden.

On Sunday I went out to play with the [livejournal.com profile] tubewalkers! We walked from Euston Square to Great Portland Street, then had a swift half in the Albany, then walked around for ages looking for a bus stop (no Jubilee Line), then walked from Finchley Road to Swiss Cottage, had a swift half in Ye Olde Swiss Cottage, then escaped to the Clifton for better beer and some food.


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